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Knowing the stories behind the subjects of paintings gives us a more well-rounded appreciation for them. This website does not attempt to present critical analyses of the paintings, but instead attempts to reveal the stories that inspired them through the use of story-telling and poetry.

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This site has been optimized for viewing with IE4 or NS4 or greater browsers at 800x600 resolution or greater. Specifically, some functions may not work in AOL browsers. While the images have been optimized for Web viewing, this is still a graphically intensive site and consideration should be given when evaluating download times.

Image and text use
The images on these pages were either scanned from texts or downloaded from other sites. Because of the age of many of the paintings, most are part of the public domain. In keeping with this fact, and the mood of the Internet being a place to find great free information and entertainment, please feel free to download and use any of the paintings featured here. However, the Pre-Raphaelite Passion title that is incorporated into the painting on the front page belongs to Nouveaunet. If you would like a copy of the painting, you can find it here. The text on this site is all original research and is not available for reproduction without permission from the author.

This site incorporates HTML 4 with CSS. The pages were coded in Allaire Homesite and layout was done in Macromedia Dreamweaver. The images were manipulated in Adobe Photoshop and optimized in Macromedia Fireworks. The menu is driven by an external JavaScript which can be found at Dynamic Drive. The internal search engine is a CGI and can be found at The slideshow uses nothing more than simple HTML. To achieve the seamless loading, the each image is loaded into the cache on the previous page as a 1x1 pixel image.

Site Map

  1. Home
  2. Artists' Biographies
  3. Image Presentation by Subject
    1. Medieval & Arthurian
      1. Page 1 - The Lady of Shallot, 3 paintings
        1. The Lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson, full text
      2. Page 2 - Miscellaneous, 3 Paintings
      3. Page 3 - Sleeping Beauty, 3 Paintings
    2. Nature
      1. Page 1 - 6 paintings
    3. Love
      1. Page 1 - 3 paintings featuring Alma-Tadema
      2. Page 2 - 4 paintings
    4. Supernatural
      1. Page 1 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 3 paintings
        1. La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats, full text
      2. Page 2 - Miranda, from The Tempest and 2 other paintings
      3. Page 3 - 6 paintings
    5. Daily Life
      1. Page 1 - 3 paintings
    6. Mythology
      1. Page 1 - The myth of Psyche, 4 paintings
      2. Page 2 - Sirens, 3 paintings
      3. Page 3 - Water Nymphs and Mermaids, 5 paintings
      4. Page 4 - Clytie, Echo and Narcissus, Circe, and Helen, 4 paintings
      5. Page 5 - Venus and Adonis, Flora, Nausicaa, and Proserpine
        1. The Garden of Proserpine by Algernon Charles Swinburne, full text
      6. Victorian Morality
        1. Page 1 - 3 paintings
        2. Page 2 - 2 paintings
      7. Various
        1. Page 1 - Ophelia, 3 paintings
        2. Page 2 - Lady Godiva, The Blessed Damozel, and others, 4 paintings
          1. The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, full text
        3. Page 3 - Lilith, and others, 3 paintings
        4. Page 4 - Veronica Veronese and Sea Spell, 2 paintings
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