This listing includes important works after Bouguereau's acceptance
into the École des Beaux-Arts in 1846.  However, this is not a comprehensive list, as Bouguereau completed over 700 works in his career.


1848 Equality Before Death
Saint Peter, Having Been Released from Prison by the Angel, Meets the Faithful at Mary's House
1849 Ulysses Returning from Troy is Recognized by his Nurse
1850 Dante and Virgil in Hell
Zenobia Found by Shepherds on the Shore of the Araxes
1851 The Canephora
The Jews Taken into Captivity
1852 Battle of the Centaurs and the Lapithae
Copy of Galatea by Raphael
Lazarus in Abraham's Bosom and the Rich in Hell (drawing)
1853 Triumph of the Martyr: The Body of Saint Cecelia Brought into the Catacombs
1854 Portrait of Mme. K.M.S.
Study: Head of a Bacchante
2 portraits of his sister, Kitty
Brotherly Love
The Dance
Four Times of Day
1855 Love
Arion on a Sea Creature
Bacchante on a Panther
1856 The Return of Tobias
Napoleon III Visiting the Flood Victims of Tarascon
1857 Wounded Eros
Portrait of Mme Duret
1859 All Soul's Day
Return from the Fields
Portrait of Mme Marcotte de Quivières
1860 The First Quarrel
Faun and Bacchante
1861 Philomela and Progne
The Departure of the Shepherd
1862 Orestes Pursued by the Furies
Holy Family
Bacchante Teasing a Goat
1863 The Older Sister
Eros Testing his Arrows
1864 Slumber
1865 Portrait of Mme Bartholini
Indigent Family
1866 First Caresses
The Golden Age
Portrait of Mme la vicomtesse de Chabrol
1867 The Vow
1868 Country Scene
Sleeping Children
1869 Apollo and the Muses on Olympus
Between Riches and Love
Maternal Love
The Knitting Girl
The Vow of Saint Anne d'Auray
1871 The Shell
1872 During the Harvest
1873 Nymphs and Satyr
Little Marauders
Homer and his Guide
Italian Women at the Fountain
1875 The Virgin, the Child Jesus and St. John the Baptist
Flora and Zephyr
Portrait of Mme Boucicaut
By the Brook
1876 Pietà
Portrait of Monseigneur Thomas
1877 The Virgin of Consolation
Youth and Eros
Portrait of Mme Deseilligny
The Older Sister
Portrait of Mme William Bouguereau
1878 Charity
A Soul Brought to Heaven
The Nymphaeum
Return from the Harvest
1879 Birth of Venus
Young Bohemians
Portrait of Mlle Gardner
1880 The Flagellation of Christ
Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros
1881 The Virgin with Angels
1882 Dusk
Brother and Sister
1883 Night
1884 The Education of Bacchus
The Bathers
Crown of Flowers
The Adoration of the Shepherds
1885 The Adoration of the Magi
Eros Disarmed
1886 Spring
Eros Triumphant
Portrait of Mlle Ella Colonna Czosnowska
1888 First Mourning
The Annuciation
Jesus Meeting his Mother
Sulky Girl
1889 Spring Songs
Psyche and Eros
The Lesson
Little Shepherdess
1890 The Holy Women at the Sepulchre
Beggar Girls
1891 First Jewels
Eros Shivering in the Rain
Work Interrupted
1892 The Wasps' Nest
1893 Offering to Eros
1894 Innocence
The Pearl
1895 The Abduction of Psyche
Portrait of Mme la comtesse de Cambacérès
1896 The Wave
1897 Compassion
Wounded by Eros
1898 The Assault
1899 Cupid and Psyche
1900 Childhood Idyll
The Young Brother
1901 Eros Gliding on the Water
Portrait of Mme O.R.
1902 Oreads
Young Priestess
1903 The Wave
Virgin with a Lamb
1904 Wood Nymph
1905 Ocean Nymph
In the Woods

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